Empowering Parents: Guidance from a Skilled Child Custody Attorney

Finding the best Child Support Attorney in West Palm Beach Florida is an important decision that could have a significant impact on your child’s quality of life, and your financial well-being. Child support is an obligation under Florida law that requires both parents to financially look after their children. This often comes in the form of a court-ordered child support payment from one parent to the other. The amount of child support that is owed can be determined using a mathematical formula that takes into account both parents’ net incomes, as well as anticipated medical expenses and daycare costs for the children.

The family law firm of Gerald Salerno handles child custody and support cases, as well as domestic violence matters. Its West Palm Beach office aims to help its clients find the best possible outcome to their legal problems by providing compassionate representation. The team offers free consultations, and is available to discuss your case by phone or in person.

Robert M.W. Shalhoub is a skilled high-asset divorce, child support and spousal support lawyer who assists clients in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas. He uses his years of experience, in-depth legal knowledge and proven courtroom skills to resolve conflicts and work toward resolutions that reflect a client’s goals. He is familiar with the state guidelines for child and spousal support, as well as the rules regarding interstate support issues.

He also has the ability to negotiate fair child support settlements that take into consideration special needs, educational expenses and other circumstances. He regularly attends seminars and other professional development opportunities to keep abreast of current developments in child support laws, including imputation of income, child tax credit laws and other issues.

A child support agreement is a major component of any divorce or paternity action that involves children. It may not be easy for either party to come up with an agreement that is both fair and enforceable, but the assistance of an experienced attorney can make the process easier.

If you are struggling with a child support dispute or are owed child support payments, it is important to act quickly. A member of the dedicated legal team at Chaykin Law Group can explain your rights, and provide effective and aggressive legal representation.

Child support is a complex issue that can be very contentious. Many disputes arise when a parent feels that they are being unfairly underpaid, or when an ex-spouse fails to pay child support at all. A knowledgeable attorney can provide the necessary guidance to reach a fair solution.

The Law Firm of Eric C. Cheshire, P.A., represents individuals in West Palm Beach and surrounding communities in a wide range of marital and family law matters, such as divorce, custody, child support, prenuptial agreements, property distribution and domestic violence cases. Its attorneys can also assist with other practice areas, such as probate and bankruptcy. The law firm is based in West Palm Beach and is led by Eric Cheshire, who has over 30 years of legal experience.