Family Dentist: Personalized Care for Every Family Member in Fixing Dental Problems

People don’t come into the world with identical oral health needs. That’s why a personalized approach is important for patients to get the treatment they need, when they need it. This is precisely what family dentistry provides, giving families a chance to build a relationship with their dentist for life.

With this type of comprehensive care, family members of all ages can get all the dental services they need from one source, eliminating the need to schedule appointments with multiple specialists. It’s also an excellent way to ensure that every member of the family is seen for regular dental checkups, which can help catch dental problems early on, such as tooth decay or gum disease.

Building a Relationship with Your Family’s Dentist

For children, especially, establishing a familiar face is important for minimizing their fear of dental procedures and visits. When they see the same friendly family dentist on a regular basis, they will grow accustomed to the office and feel comfortable in its environment. This is essential for fostering good dental habits and a positive outlook on oral health. In fact, a Korean study found that empathy, interpersonal trust, partnership and communication are all factors that boost patient satisfaction and adherence to treatments.

Additionally, when kids grow older and become adults, their dentist will be well versed in their unique oral health requirements. For example, if a child has an issue that runs in the family, such as a genetic tendency toward tooth decay, their dentist can educate them on the best practices for brushing and flossing their teeth to avoid future complications.

Likewise, a family dentist can address common oral issues that arise in the adult population, such as cracked or chipped teeth, fillings and gum disease. In doing so, they can ensure that these problems don’t escalate into more severe conditions like tooth loss and bone recession.

The Family Dentist Can Track Changing Dental Needs as the Family Grows

In addition to treating existing oral health issues, a family dentist can also help you navigate the confusing world of dental insurance and billing. They can answer your questions about fee schedules, insurance claims and lifetime maximums to ensure that you have a full understanding of your coverage. This can save you a lot of time and stress in the long run, as it will prevent miscommunication between you and your insurance provider.

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